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Anti-Idle Laws

Many states are now passing laws designed to discourage idling of trucks and buses. This law affects diesel-fueled commercial vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds, regardless of where they are registered.

This law varies from state to state, but most states have passed laws that the vehicles may not idle for more than five minutes (buses may idle for up to ten minutes when passengers are boarding or onboard). Vehicles may not idle auxiliary power systems for more than five minutes to power heaters, air conditioners or any other equipment if the vehicle has a sleeper berth and is within 100 feet of a restricted area (homes and schools).

Many reasons are cited for the passing of these laws. EPA, air pollution, noise, fuel conservation, but the problem still exists for large truck drivers who need to keep the truck idleing for sleeping and various other reasons.

Blubaugh's has teamed with several manufacturers of engine pre-heaters, in-cab forced air heating systems and small power generation systems that will keep your rig ready to go on a moments notice without the need to let it idle for long periods of time. This will reduce your operating costs by cutting your fuel consumption.

Semi Truck Heater and Power Systems

Contact us about installing a cost effective system in your rig!

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